About Us


Have you ever said, “I sure would love to give this house some renewed pizzazz; it’s just so outdated and I am tired of these colors and wallpaper.”?

Or, “I wonder what I could do to enhance the appearance of this office and have it truly ‘speak’ to my clients as they come here to meet with me?”
Stop wishing and let Interior Transformations help you overcome these and many other decorating challenges you may face.

Hi, and Welcome to this web site. Are you ready to be innovative and inspired? I am NANCY DEAL,professional faux finisher with some very surprising ideas to completely TRANSFORM THE INTERIOR OF YOUR HOME OR OFFICE.

I have had my work featured in Homearamas 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and in 2016.  In 2007, my work was featured in the Remodel Show. And as of August 2016, I celebrate my 12-year anniversary in business with many, many satisfied clients and many more prospects in the wings.

Let Faux Finishes add beauty and value to your home with relief designs, decorative painting and/or interior/exterior house painting. Faux Finishes turn plain walls into anything you can envision. Faux Finishes add a new dimension to old cabinets and laminate counter tops. Faux Finishes revive old furniture and make accessories come “alive”: like lamps and lamp shades, frames and mirrors, hand rails and columns, or the addition of chair railing or wainscoting. Faux Finishes cover “a multitude of sins,” reflect your personality and add originality to your home or office, which sets you apart.

So I ask you, “What message are you trying to convey? Something peaceful, fun, inspiring, energizing, creative, whimsical?” Or are you just ready to go             from BORING TO BEAUTIFUL,                                                                                      from OUT-DATED TO OUTSTANDING,

Then NOW is the time to TRANSFORM your INTERIOR with the WOW you want with me, NANCY DEAL. Call me today. Let’s make your dreams a reality.