Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is faux finishing?
The word “faux” is French for “false,” ie: faux pearls. It is an art form that uses various painting techniques to make a wall, floor, ceiling, or furniture appear to be something that they are not.
Some examples:
– to faux a table top or columns to look like marble
– to faux a wall or floor to look like tile or brick
– to faux a wall to look like linen or leather

2) How much does it cost?
Price depends on several factors. Each job is priced by the square foot and varies according to the difficulty of involvement for the application chosen. Consideration is given for the square footage of the area to be finished. In the case of a room, the height of the ceiling and number of openings (such as doors and windows) to be worked around would need to be factored in. In the case of furniture the price would be determined by how much work will be needed to accomplish the desired finish. So every job and situation is unique.

3) How long does it take?
For an average size room, say 10’x12’, it will take 3-5 days, depending on the degree of complexity of the faux finish chosen.

4) Is there anything that the home or business owner can do to reduce the cost?
Yes.  Preparation of the surface is very important and time consuming. Cleaning the surface and repairing holes and damaged places will reduce the price of the service. Washing all woodwork and vacuuming carpet edges to prevent dirt from getting into the brushes can also reduce your cost.

5) Do you offer other services?
Yes. I paint walls in plain colors. I paint woodwork and ceilings.I also do minor repairs to drywall or damaged wood. I also can apply chair railings, baseboards, and some crown molding. Plus I do decorative writing on walls.

6) How much do you charge for those services?
For those services I charge by the hour, on average $35/hour.

7) Do you have a crew or use subcontractors?
I will do all the work myself.

8) What if I don’t like the finish after the job is complete?
If you desire, I will make a sample board before I put anything on your walls. If you like what you see you will sign an agreement and we’re ready to go.

9) What are your payment arrangements?
I will come to your place and survey the area to be done. We will choose colors and a finish design. Then I will give you an estimate that includes the paints and glazes. Once we agree on a price, I require half up front, and the balance after the work is completed.

10) What areas of a home or office are most often chosen to be fauxed?
Any and every room can have a faux finish that gives it a unique touch. Foyers or waiting rooms are an excellent choice because they will leave a lasting first impression on your guest or clients. Other good choices are powder rooms, offices, dining areas, bedrooms, and playrooms; …there really is no limit.

11) I have no idea where to begin- will you help me decide?
Consultation and experience are also part of my expertise. My estimates are complimentary.  A one hour consultation, which includes helping  you decide on colors,  coordination of designs with your decor  and/or choices of themes, etc.,  is $45. I can help you decide on a theme, or perhaps an overall ambiance that you want to create. Once creativity takes over – a faux finish becomes a reality and the work evolves from there.

12) What am I expected to do?
If you want nothing to do with surface preparation (see question 4), I only require that all furniture and wall outlet covers be removed from the room, along with any wall hangings or fixtures such as towel bars or sconces. If there are large pieces of furniture, move them to the center of the room and I will cover them. All floor surfaces in the room will be covered.

13) Do you paint murals?
I do not paint murals, however I can paint scenery such as clouds, trees, bushes, or rolling hills.

14) How many finishes do I have to choose from?
You can see some of the samples on the gallery page of this site. And there are others you can choose from. I do over 25 different finishes.

15) How much notice do you require to begin a job?
That can depend on the season. In the Winter – usually a week. But in the Spring and Summer it is usually four weeks. The earlier you can schedule the work, the better for both of us.

16) How long have you been doing faux finishing?
I started working in faux finishing about 10 years ago, and have been doing it professionally since August 2004.

17) Have you implemented your work in your own home?
Oh Yes. Every room in my home has it’s own distinct personality created by wonderful color and a striking finish, and a theme that ties it all together. You are welcome to tour my home by appointment.

18) Do you only work in existing homes or offices?
I also work with builders and painters on new construction and remodels. In fact, I particularly enjoy new construction. I had the privilege of doing houses in the Louisville Homearamas.